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Lee Roland

Spirits, Spells, and Mayhem

Exciting Urban Fantasy

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Blade of Redemption

  Lilly Dusalte’s life is ending on a frozen Chicago parking lot.  McKay, her tormentor, her former lover, has dumped her brutally broken body on the frozen ground. That’s what happens when you betray a cunning criminal to the FBI—and that criminal escapes them. 

 “Well, baby, it’s been fun. See you in another life.” McKay's final words before he walks away.

  Death comes for her on that sheet of ice, but another power thwarts the grim reaper. Still trying to claim her, Death’s  dark presence rides the screaming ambulance beside Lilly. He patiently waits under the brilliant mock sun of the operating room.  Finally, he acquiesces to that other power. Imperturbable, he knows that no living thing will escape him forever.

 Lilly and her blood-kin were born and live under the governance of an ancient goddess—one who carelessly lost control of their lives. Determined to regain her dominance, the goddess has battled to save Lilly. Lilly was born for a specific task and the goddess is determined to force her to succeed.

  Redemption has a greater cost.

  Redemption requires sacrifice.

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